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Hello and welcome to Judy’s Workshop!

We like making things.  Lots of things. On this site you will find many different types of jewelry and key chains.

We started with the eyeglass holders, because as I needed readers, I kept breaking or loosing them at work.  I didn't want some old-lady looking chain, so I started to mix it up with all kinds of beads and soon most of the women I know were asking for a pair.

I've always loved bead work, so naturally a lot of my items are beaded.  I love buying old beads and re-working them into new items.  As I started making chainmaille, I started to add my beads.  It is a great way to recycle and add texture and color to the chains.

Earrings are always fun because they add a touch of originality to your outfit, and whether they are wire, beaded, or chainmaille, they'll always get noticed.

Bracelets, necklaces, and key chains are also great accents.  They are fun to own, and also make great gifts.

We also try to keep all of our items as affordable as possible because everyone deserves a beautiful piece of jewelry to make them feel like a million dollars. 

 I hope you enjoy browsing this site, and if you have comments or suggestions please contact me at: